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What is the Full Form of ATM? ATM Full Form



What is the Full Form of ATM

ATM stands for Automated Teller Machine. It is an Electro-Mechanical Machine, where a person can withdraw money automatically. An ATM Card Holder need not visit the respective bank, he can withdraw money from any ATM. These Machines are very Convenient to use, thus reducing the workload on bank representatives. Some advanced ATMs also provide the feature of depositing cash. ATMs are generally installed near the residential area.


An ATM is a self-service outlet, used for the Withdrawal of money and to perform other financial activities like cash or cheque deposits, check balances, and funds transfers. Different banks provide multiple ATMs in different countries. To withdraw money from an ATM it’s Debit card is always needed. These cards have all the information like Account details, Pin, and other security information in the magnetic strip present on them.

Fees and charges

The First 5 transactions are generally free, after that nominal charges may be applied to withdraw money.

If you are withdrawing money from a different bank’s ATM, where you do not have an account, some charges are applicable.

atm full form

Steps to withdraw money from ATM

Bank provides you with an ATM card and a pin code to access the account

Here are steps to use an ATM card

  1.  First, you need to insert an ATM card into the machine and enter the Pin code.
  2. Once the correct pin is entered you can have access to your account.
  3. As per your requirement, you can choose options from the screen like cash withdrawal, balance inquiry.
  4. Follow the instructions on the screen. 
  5. Don’t forget to take your card back.

Types of ATM

There are basically two types of ATM

  1. Basic units help you to withdraw cash, enquire balance, change pin codes, and get a mini statement.
  2. Complicated units help you to deposit cash/cheques, access account details, and even help in credit line payments.

According to location and function, it can be categorized into two types

  • On-site ATMs: These are within the bank premises.
  • Off-site ATMs: These are located near residential areas.

Other Types of ATMs

These are categorized according to the label given to them.

  • Green Label ATMs- This type of ATM is used for agricultural purposes also known as agribusiness.
  • Yellow Label ATMs- This type of ATM is used for e-commerce transactions.
  • Orange Label ATMs- This type of ATM is used for share/stock transactions.
  • Pink Label ATMs- This type of ATM is specifically for females to avoid standing in long queues and reduce waiting time.
  • White Label ATMs – These ATMs are not owned by a particular bank but entities other than the bank, also known as WLAs.
  • Brown Label Banks- Operated by a third party other than a bank means it is not owned by the bank but leased to the consumer, also known as BLAs.

ATM Machine Parts

This user-friendly machine contains input and output devices to work intelligently and helps us to use with ease and comfort. There are basically two types of devices that may differ in size and style.

  • Input Devices:
  • Card reader: There is a card reader slot present on the machine, where you insert your debit card. It helps to read all the information from the card and send it to the server to perform further transactions. There are 2 types of cards used these days, one with a magnetic strip at the backside of the card and the other one has a chip on the front side.
  • Keypad: It is used to insert numbers into the machine e.g cash withdrawal amount and pin
  • Output Device
  1. Display screen: This looks like a computer screen. This can be a touch screen or a normal display screen. It acts as a guide to performing actions.
  2. Speaker: The instructions can be heard through the speaker. This is very helpful for blinds.
  3. Cash dispenser: Cash is received through a cash dispenser. High precision sensors help to get the correct amount of cash.
  4. Receipt printer: This prints the current transaction details and balance statement.


  • This service is available 24×7.
  • You need not carry too much cash while traveling, you can easily withdraw money.
  • It also takes away the pressure from the bank representative.
  • You can check the balance easily.
  • You can use ATMs in each and every part of the world.


  • Cash Withdrawal is limited.
  • Difficult for rural people to operate.
  • If an Atm card is lost, it can be misused.
  • Loss of personal touch with Banks.
  • Sometimes the server goes slower.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

1. Full form of ATM

  • Automated Teller Machine.
  1. Who created the First ATM machine?
  • John Shepherd-Barron
  1. Another full form of ATM
  • Air Traffic Management used in air traffic
  • Air Traffic Management used in chat
  • ATM- Asynchronous Transfer Mode in terms of telecom
  • ATM- Area Training Manager (in terms of job profile)
  1. Is an ATM Machine Safe?
  • Yes, Please don’t share your Pin with anyone.

Hope Now, you understand the full form of the ATM. It helps you to perform transactions comfortably. You can easily withdraw cash from an ATM even on bank holidays. You can perform all small transactions without going to the bank.

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Full Forms

What is the Full Form of ALU? | Full Form of ALU



What is the Full Form of ALU

Full Form of ALU

In computing, the full form of ALU is Arithmetic and Logical Unit, which is part of the computer processor. As the name suggests all the arithmetic and logical calculations are performed under this part of the computer. It is the fundamental building block of the CPU(Central Processing Unit).

Arithmetic calculations are addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division whereas Logical calculations include AND, OR, NOT operations used for comparisons. So the computer is able to calculate and make decisions. This is a combinational digital electronic circuit. CPU (Central Processing Unit) performs operations with the help of one or more ALU. It loads the data from input registers (Small Storage). The Control unit tells what operations are to be performed on data to ALU. The result is stored in an output register. The Control unit helps in moving data between ALU, memory, and registers.

alu full form

Functions of ALU

Some ALU is designed to perform Integer calculations whereas others can perform floating-point calculations as well. CPU may contain a single processor or more than one to perform calculations. The functions performed by ALU are:

  • Logical Operations: 

The logical operations are AND, OR,  NOR, NOT, NAND, XOR, and others. It also checks if a number is negative or not.

  • Bit-Shifting Operations: 

It helps in shifting the locations of the bits to right or left by a certain number of places.

  • Arithmetic Operations:

    Only Two arithmetic operations in the same code like addition and subtraction or addition and multiplication or any two other operands can be combined by the ALU for calculations. For example A+B*C

It can perform all of the following computer operations.

  1. ADD:– It ADDS two Bits.
  2. ADD with carrying:- It adds two bits and also carries a bit.
  3. Subtract:– It subtracts two bits
  4. Subtract with borrow:- It subtracts two bits with a borrow.
  5. Negate:- changes the sign.
  6. Increment:- Increases by adding 1 to a bit.
  7. Decrement:- Decreases by subtracting 1 from a bit.

Advantages of ALU:

  1. There is no memory wasted with ALU.
  2. It is very fast and provides results quickly.
  3. It is less expensive.
  4. It performs calculations with high accuracy.
  5. It can combine integer and floating-point variables.

Other full forms of ALU 

  • Arithmetic and Logical Unit
  • Arithmetic Logic Unit
  • Analog Looping Utility
  • Applied Laser Unit
  • Assisted Living Unit

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Q1. What is the Full Form of ALU?

  • Arithmetic and Logical Unit

Q2. What is the role of ALU?

  • This is used to perform arithmetic and logical calculations

Q3. What are the types of ALU?

  • It has three types of functional parts: Storage register, Operations Logic, and Sequencing  Logic.


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What is the Full Form of AI? | Full Form of AI



What is the Full Form of AI

Full-Form of AI

AI acronyms for Artificial Intelligence. This is the ability of computers to think and to make decisions on their own. While talking about AI people usually think of Robots that can think like humans and behave like them in a logical manner. Artificial Intelligence refers to Machine Intelligence.

Definition of Artificial Intelligence 

It is the combination of two words Artificial and Intelligence. It is the branch of Computer science that helps in creating intelligent machines by humans. Machines should be capable of performing tasks sensibly and logically without being instructed by any human. Some of the examples are self-driving cars, E-mail spam filters, SIRI, Alexa, and games like chess (played by computer).

ai full form

Types of AI

On the basis of capabilities, Artificial Intelligence can be categorized into 3 parts

  • Narrow (Weak) AI:  These machines are capable of performing only a limited set of instructions. They can perform only one task like Checking the weather, face recognition. 
  • General (Strong) AI: These machines can perform tasks as humans can do. They can think like humans and make decisions, Which was the main drawback of computers.
  • Super AI:  These machines can perform tasks more efficiently than a Human. This ability will take over the world with the features of thinking, reasoning, solving Puzzles, Making judgments,s and also communicating on its own. 

On the basis of Functionalities, Artificial Intelligence can be categorized into 4 parts

  • Reactive Machines

These machines can react to situations but such machines lack memory. These machines cannot use past experiences and store memories or actions. It analyses all possible options and chooses the suitable one. These types of AI machines only focus on current scenarios and search for the best possible actions. IBM’s Deep Blue, Google’s Alpha go and IBM chess program is famous examples of reactive machines.

  • Limited Memory

These machines store data or past memories for a short period of time. Examples are self-driving cars, such cars have decision-making systems. Information can be stored to navigate the road, speed, and distance of nearby cars by these machines. These cars make actions like changing lanes with observations and no such information is stored earlier in the system.

  • Self – Awareness

Self-aware Artificial Intelligence is the future of AI. These machines are smarter than humans, having their own awareness, consciousness, and sentiments. These machines can bring revolution to the world.

  • Theory of mind

These types of machines can understand human emotions and beliefs, intentions, and desires like humans. However, these types of machines are still not invented. Researchers and developers are working on them.

How AI (Artificial Intelligence) works

The full form of AI is Artificial Intelligence. AI machines focus on mainly three skills:  learning, reasoning, and self-correction

Learning processes: This skill of AI programming focuses on gathering data and changing it into the required information.

Reasoning processes: This skill of AI programming focuses on selecting the right algorithm to get the required outcome.

Self-correction processes: This skill of AI programming is designed to upgrade algorithms and ensure they give the most accurate results.

Applications of Artificial Intelligence

  1. E-commerce: Artificial Intelligence is widely used in the E-commerce industry. Now businesses are gaining more profit and growth.
  2. Agriculture: AI technology is used in agriculture as well. AI can be used to detect diseases in plants, identify defects and nutrient absences in the soil. Farmers can now analyze the weather conditions, temperature, water usage, and condition of the soil. With AI machines crop harvesting can be done at a higher speed.
  3. Banking and finance: Features like AI bots, biometric fraud detection, and digital payment advisor can create a high quality of service. This helps in reducing the risk and increase in our modern economy.
  4. Health Care: With the help of Artificial Intelligence disease diagnosis becomes easy thus, saving lives. A Common device like Fitbit collects a lot of data like sleep, steps, heart rate, and also counts burnt calories.
  5. Playing: Artificial Intelligence is used in games, where the machine needs to think logically such as Chess and Othello. It is also used in video games to provide real-time experiences.
  • Robotics: It helps Robots in identifying and recognizing objects and developing intelligent Robots. It also helps to grasp objects so it can be used in hospitals and industries for carrying things. They also observe the items on the way and change direction without any human intervention. Robots can do work with high speed and precision.
  • Social Media: Social Media uses synthetic Intelligence tools that work at the background of different social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. It subconsciously changes our choices and ideologies. AI has the potential to transform how brands market across social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. It can automate many difficult tasks related to social media management and it can also monitor social media.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Q1. What is the Full form of AI?

  • Artificial Intelligence.

Q2. What is AI?

  • It is the development of intelligent machines that can think and work like humans.

Q2. What are the advantages of AI?

  • Reduction in human errors
  • Available 24×7
  • Helps in repetitive jobs
  • Faster decision

Q3.What are the disadvantages of AI?

  • Making humans Lazy.
  • Unemployment
  • No emotions 

The Full form of AI is Artificial intelligence and it is the simulation of human intelligence by machines. This will bring a huge revolution in the history of mankind. It is becoming a  highly demanded technology among industries. However, there are also some problems and challenges with Artificial Intelligence. Many people may think it will be dangerous for humanity. However, the development of AI on a daily basis is making it a comfortable technology.

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What is the Full Form of KFC? | Full Form of KFC



What is the Full Form of KFC

The KFC Full Form is Kentucky Fried Chicken. It is a chain of fast-food restaurants specializing in fried chicken. It consists of an American fast food restaurant and has its headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky, United States. The restaurant specializes in making fried chicken. It is a famous restaurant, which is present in all the countries of the world. It is the second-largest chain restaurant in the world, after Mc Donald’s, with 25000 global locations in 145 countries and territories. Colonel Harland Sanders founded the company. 

 They are experts in preparing fresh fried chicken in all their outlets, they use special secret Colonel’s recipe of 11 herbs and spices. It is a subsidary of ‘Yum! Brands’. 

To prepare the world’s best chicken, KFC emphasizes various other factors: 

  • The chicken they use is raised on American farms. 
  • Before being delivered to KFC kitchens, USDA inspectors check chickens for quality. 
  • There are no steroids or hormones added to the chickens.

 Having marketed himself as “Colonel Sanders” Harland has become one of the most famous figures in American culture, and his image continues to be eminent in KFC advertising.

kfc full form

History of KFC 

  • Harland Sanders, the founder of KFC, was born in Henryville, Indiana, in 1890. In the end, he does not stay in any of the jobs he has been trying for.
  • From his roadside restaurant at a gas station in Corbin, Kentucky, he started selling fried chicken in 1930. 
  • His recipe started gaining popularity and, by 1963, around 600 restaurants were selling it. 
  • KFC opened around 3000 stores in 1970 in more than 40 countries. 

As you know, KFC Full-Form is Kentucky Fried Chicken, it sells different products such as Fried chicken, soft drinks, hamburgers, milkshakes, salads, desserts, chicken sandwiches, french fries, soft drinks, and many more. The average revenue of KFC is US$27.9 Billion. Its Slogans Are, “Nobody does chicken like KFC”, “Finger-Lickin’ Good!”, And “So Good”.

Q.1 What is the Full Form of KFC? 

  • Kentucky Fried Chicken is KFC Full Form. 

Q.2 Define KFC? 

  • It is a chain of fast-food restaurants specializing in fried chicken. It consists of an American fast food restaurant and, has its headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky, United States. 

Q.3 What is the short form of Kentucky Fried Chicken? 

  • The short form of Kentucky Fried Chicken is KFC
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